Wreckyn Street North Melbourne

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A 394 Bed Student Accommodation facility constructed by LU Simon for Cedar Pacific & Unilodge which includes 394 Bathroom Pods.

Project Completion Date: June 2019 Total Bathroom Pods: 394

Partnering with Unilodge on yet another Student Accommodation project in Melbourne, Interpod were able to facilitate a streamlined delivery of bathroom pods, assisting L U Simon Builders to hand over their project 7 weeks earlier than expected.

L U Simon Builders worked alongside Interpod in the installation of Bathroom Pods in this project, whilst communicating directly with Unilodge to ensure bathroom pods achieved the overall design scope provided.

Design Requirements:

Each Bathroom Pod followed the design specifications from Unilodge’s standard Student Accommodation footprint. Their use of repeat design, accessories and layout was a win-win for all parties involved. Repeatability in design and accessories enabled Interpod to secure significant cost benefits that were then passed on to the client, ensuring a significant value-add to Unilodge’s asset portfolio.

The Solution – Why Interpod?

As a result of Interpod’s successful history on Unilodge’s other projects, Interpod was the #1 pod partner option for this new development. Seeing Interpod’s strict manufacturing process provided the clients with added certainty that their Bathroom Pods would be ready for delivery when they were required. This meant the bathroom pod component of the overall build could still proceed regardless of onsite delays.

A streamlined result

394 purpose-built Student Accommodation Interpod Bathroom Pods were supplied and delivered to the Unilodge Royal Melbourne site, where onsite installation was coordinated by the construction firm, L U Simon. In response to the design specifications outlined by Unilodge, each Bathroom Pod followed a strict space-saving footprint that ensured more bedrooms could be achieved in the overall building, whilst still maintaining a functional ensuite for the students.

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