Ultimo Student Accommodation

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The need for student accommodation in Australia continues to grow every year, with research suggesting that demand is currently outstripping the supply of Purpose Built Student Accommodation. But gone are the days of cramming occupants into small areas, as better and higher quality living spaces are designed, built and run for students.

To keep up with this rising demand Urbanest, an accommodation provider with developments around the country, decided to turn to modular bathroom construction instead of relying on traditional methods. Urbanest believes that using these modular systems will keep site time to a minimum while still maintaining the quality and structural integrity of each project.

However in early 2014, Urbanest’s original pods supplier went into receivership. This substantially hindered the progress of multiple ongoing projects, including their development in Ultimo, Sydney.

Needing a reliable modular bathroom construction company to step in on short notice and prevent further delays, Urbanest turned to Interpod knowing its reputation for highly systemised processes, from tender and planning, to production and installation.

Quickly picking up the project, Interpod was able to fulfil the project’s requirements and keep the Ultimo project moving forward with minimal down time.

“Traditionally you’d have a little bit to do with the pod supplier in terms of coordinating your methodology and construction and how you install the pods,” says John Chase from Icon Co, the builders of the Ultimo project, “but I thought Interpod were great, giving us better advice on installation procedures even though they only came in a quarter of the way through.”

“[Using the pods] made it a lot easier for us as builders and foremen to manage and lump that into one system rather than coordinating multiple trades. It also minimised the amount of material that we had to coordinate onsite because all the bathrooms were already fit out.”.


Partway through the project, Urbanest’s existing supply of modular bathroom pods was cut off, and it had to turn to a reliable company that could pick up the project and ensure speedy production, delivery and installation with a very short lead time.


Interpod was able to supply 75 bathrooms a week to Urbanest for its projects across three different locations in New South Wales and Victoria. The pods were supplied to the developer, which gave Urbanest greater controls to minimise delays in the construction programme.


Urbanest was able to maintain its construction programmes with no delay to completion dates. The pods eliminated certain trades and were quickly installed, and it was only a matter of days before the walls were closed around the bathrooms and units completed.

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