by | Jul 8, 2020 | Interpod Updates

Shadowpanel Ceiling Access Panels are a concept developed by Interpod in response to demands for an easy-to-use ceiling access feature, that “looks stylish”.

The shadow-like ceiling access solution eliminates the need for any form of access key, making it safe & easy to access for those who require it.

In addition, Architects have provided their feedback on the solution, stating;

“it’s streamlined appearance is miles from the traditional standard panels we see.”

Our exclusive Astron Designer Panel, used as the base material, offers the durability & longevity that is required in a bathroom space.

How the Shadowpanel Ceiling Access Panel works:

  • Tool-less removal for ease of access by trades (locks can be fitted)
  • Panel removes completely from ceiling, ensuring maximised access to services in ceiling void
  • Removable panel eliminates clashes with elements beneath the panel (i.e. prevents damage to walls, shower screens, joinery)
  • Self-locating panel ensures a consistent line width to perimeter
  • Downlights, ventilation grilles/fans or other removable ceiling fixtures can be installed within the panel in many cases, allowing maximised flexibility of location

Why do Developers, Builders, Architect & Tenants love our nifty solution?

  • Minimal and unoffensive appearance
  • Pre-finished product with a ‘wipe clean’ finish – no painting or touch-ups ever required
  • Uniformity of colour between ceiling and access panel
  • Can be customised to most shapes or sizes required at no additional cost
  • The Astron Design Panel solution also prevents any ceiling-based mould build up that can occur in small spaces

To learn more, you can engage our team to understand further details.


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