We are very fortunate to have formed excellent partnerships with many of our clients

Mark Hotson
Property Development Manager, Pro-invest Group
Spencer Jamieson
Senior Project Manager, Adco Constructions
Martin Patience
General Manager of Aged Care & Retirement Living, Richard Crookes


Wayne McKeown
Site Manager, Icon New Zealand

The bathrooms are well received by our guests for its functionality, quality finishing and innovative use of space. Interpod’s bathroom pods is an integral component of our rooms here at Holiday Inn Express!

Holiday Inn Express
Daniel Vuong – Sales Manager

By using prefab bathrooms we were able to see the quality of the bathroom way before the construction starts.

Proinvest Group
Mark Hotson – Development Manager

The facility we worked in was fully occupied, so there were advantages to limiting the amount of contractors you have running around. The quality of the pods could also be controlled a lot better.

Grindley Constructions
Adrian Fedrigo

We are extremely happy with the outcome to date. The quality of pods is outstanding even after transportation across the Bass Straight. The Interpod team have been a pleasure to work with and it’s been fantastic to see that IPA can continue to deliver pods as required.

Brad Symmons – Construction Manager, North West Tasmania

If you can build a product in a factory environment you’ve got a greater chance of getting the quality up to where it needs to be.  

I think the products that was produced by Interpod was really top notch.

Richard Crookes
Martin Patience – General Manager of Aged Care & Retirement Living

Notwithstanding time and cost benefits, having the bathrooms manufactured in a controlled environment has made for far superior control over quality and allowed for regular checks and sign offs, ensuring the delivered product was defect free on installation.

Arrow International
Matt Hall – Project Manager

The pod bathrooms have made managing the entire construction project a lot easier.

Arrow International
Ross Sanders – Managing Director

Interpod were easy to work with, procurement was streamlined, [and the partnership] suited our construction programme.

Nick Grbavac – Design Manager

The only bathrooms we’ve had issues with are the ones that were traditionally built onsite.

Aged Care Facility
Maintenance Manager

Interpod create a one-stop-shop service. With modular construction the beauty is we can then deliver the pod to site, nice and clean, nice and easy, with less trades onsite. It’s a lifesaver. So I definitely recommend it, and it’s what I’ll be using on future projects.

It’s been a very positive experience to work with Interpod. Upfront design development process went very well, very well thought out, very well documented, and the site team are great.

The fact that all pods came to site with no breakages, sensational.

Spencer Jamieson – Senior Project Manager

The construction sites are very variable programmes, things change all the time, so having the ability to store things offsite with the help of Interpod, and the ability to bring things in when we are ready for them has helped to alleviate that.

Everyone’s in there trying to work in a very small space and trying to coordinate that on a very fast track project where you’ve only got limited time. Having bathroom pods takes all that away. All in all they’ve certainly saved a lot of time.

Laing O’Rourke
Jonathan Deadman – Senior Services Manager

Building in a factory environment, and being able to coordinate all those activities offsite, means there’s actually less activities and less high risk works that are undertaken onsite.

Interpod has been our strategic partner in delivering this aspect of the project. Thanks to this partnership, all those activities can be managed and controlled offsite.

There are a lot of benefits in terms of quality control in a factory environment – it minimises the number of those finishing trades onsite.

NSW Health Infrastructure
Andrew Paris – Project Director

With the size of the building and the short program, Interpod was effectively appointed after a tender process for their quality and the expediency with which they could deliver the bathrooms.

The prefab nature of the bathrooms also allows minimal amount of trades inside the bathroom area, and that minimises the body of works and amount of defects that we incur during the delivery.

Frasers Property
Alex Sicari – Development Manager

I thought Interpod were great, giving us better advice on installation procedures even though they only came in a quarter of the way through.

[Using the pods] made it a lot easier for us as builders and foremen to manage and lump that into one system rather than coordinating multiple trades. It also minimised the amount of material that we had to coordinate onsite because all the bathrooms were already fit out.

John Chase – Foreman

The thing we like about the Interpod system is that it is effectively conventional construction but done offsite, so there are no additional risks to the conventional construction.

We agreed there was benefit in getting factory-type quality in the manufacturing of the bathrooms pods. Waterproofing, tiling and fitting of fixtures are more likely to have issues on a building site than in a factory.

Andrew Kirk – Development Director

The Interpod bathrooms are a really big talking point for our guests. They love the natural light, they love how multifunctional it is, and how it really works in with the space.

We’re really proud of the fact we put these Interpod bathrooms in. That’s really helped us use the space as functionally as possible. We also had in the back of our minds what impact the bathrooms are going to have on the carbon footprint and the community. So it’s been a really good piece for us to add to this portfolio.

Holiday Inn Express
Emmi Luke – Hotel Manager

Using Interpod bathrooms accelerated the program because you have to select all the fittings and tiles prior to pouring in the first bit of concrete. It makes everybody think about the finish of the project before it even starts – that in itself is a large time saver.

I think we might have saved 20 odd thousand dollars, but in the time it took us to build 66 bathrooms and install them, we were still building 20 conventional bathrooms. That took about three to four months off the program.

Crown International
Gary Cory – General Manager