Significant Construction Cost-savings

By removing the bathroom construction process onsite, you accelerate the project timeline up to 30% faster, significantly reduce construction time, eliminating the stress and cost of managing up to 15 trades or more per bathroom. Deliver your project sooner with better value for you and your clients.

Cut Down Construction Times

Prefab bathrooms significantly reduces construction time and the management of trades on-site. Construction of modular bathrooms can occur simultaneously with the site preparation and foundation work, projects can be completed 30% to 50% sooner than traditional construction. Simultaneously, prefab bathrooms remove up to 20% of labour from your site, for less site traffic, less defects and less of a footprint onsite.

Delivered Defect Free

Exceptional quality control ensures a defect-free modular bathroom on arrival to site. By engaging Interpod, you hand over your compliance obligations and micro-managing over to a single point of accountability. Forget about defects, storage and waste management. Deliver your project sooner, increase profitability and significantly reduce hidden construction costs associated with defects and rework.

Delivered Fully Complete and Cleaned, No Further Internal Works Needed

Bathroom pods can remain locked up until handover. No onsite cleaning is needs for Interpod prefab bathrooms. Maximise project cost savings with the option of choosing from our standard pod range.

A Sustainable Australian Economy

We have some of the best manufacturing facilities right here in Australia. It is our priority to support the Australian construction industry by keeping jobs local, because a strong construction industry means a stronger economy and compliant developments.

WatermarkTM Certification

Interpod bathrooms are a certified practitioner of multiple WaterMarkTM certifications for our entire prefab bathroom pod range. We were the first Australian company to establish WaterMarkTM certification on bathroom pods available to the wider market, emphasising our commitment to your project compliance.

ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Systems

Interpod monitor waste and environmental impact and focus on advances in our manufacturing processes to ensure that we are minimising wastage, reducing our carbon footprint and improving our environmental impact. All elements of our bathroom pod packaging are recyclable, which assists builders to reduce the impact of waste onsite.

ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems

Development project compliance is more important than ever. Interpod have dedicated teams consistently reviewing and improving all quality management systems throughout the business to provide our new and repeat clients with a modular approach they can trust.

AS/NZS 4801:2001 OH&S Management Systems

Our people are at the heart of Interpod’s Occupational Health and Safety approach. We continually collaborate with our team to develop safer, more efficient processes in all areas of our business.

Witness our lean manufacturing principles, sustainable building practices, and strict quality control measures for yourself. Book a tour for your team here.

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