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Interpod recognise that without waterproofing integrity, our bathrooms are worth nothing to our clients.

Controlled. Consistent. Certain.
Our waterproofing method is a symphony of skill and stringent processes.

Manufactured in a controlled environment,  bathroom pods ensure a consistent quality finish in every bathroom.
Waterproofing membranes are applied by highly skilled and accredited waterproofing installers to provide our clients with a long-lasting bathroom solution.

How to determine your bathroom pod partner credibility:

Starting right, means ending right.

Before making an investment, we strongly encourage clients to review the waterproofing integrity of potential bathroom pod partners, to ensure the bathrooms will remain water-tight in years to come.

Opting for a ‘cheap’ pod, may also mean ‘cheap’ quality – keep this in mind.

A ‘Zero Defect Waterproofing Methodology‘:

Leaking bathrooms are high on the list of defects in large-scale developments.

A controlled and quality-monitored factory environment means that our waterproofing is consistently checked in accordance with relevant codes of compliance.
Intense quality control measures provide you with the certainty that your bathroom pod is above standard before it reaches your building site.

You can talk to our projects team for details on our waterproofing process.

Solving builder’s pain & responding (again):

In direct response to client feedback & common site-built bathroom problems, we are continually evolving our waterproofing methodology to maximise the integrity of our bathroom pod installations.

Since mandatory PCA inspections are required for minimum of 10% of bathrooms on a project, Interpod often accommodates client PCA inspections in our purpose-built facility.

Inspectors are consistently blown away by the high quality and uniformity of Interpod waterproofing installations; a far cry from the horror stories of conventional building sites.

A waterproofing track record is your provision for certainty:

Interpod’s track record speaks for itself. Our customer feedback surveys reveal waterproofing issues are the #1 problem on most building sites, but not where Interpod bathrooms have been used.

We understand the high cost of residual damage caused by waterproofing failures, which is why our continually advancing waterproofing solutions aim to optimise the long-term return on your project.

Contact us should you require further information on our waterproofing methodology.


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