Traditional onsite bathroom construction is usually the most problematic area for large scale construction, with unforeseen delays and potential defects, driving smart developers and contractors to take advantage of the alternative.

Traditional onsite bathroom construction is usually the most problematic area for large scale construction. Unforeseen delays and potential defects, drive smart developers and contractors to take advantage of the alternative.

Modular bathroom pods are revolutionising the bathroom construction process, taking developments to market sooner, and significantly reducing hidden construction costs.

For Build-to Rent developments, bathroom pods are essentially a turn-key solution.

But there’s so much more to understand about the true value of bathroom pods for BTR developments. Let’s break it down.

Why Choose Bathroom Pods for Built-to-Rent Developments?

The growth of large scale build-to-rent developments throughout Australia is placing more demand on the construction industry as a whole.

In the BTR space, investors are demanding fast, cost-effective construction methods that won’t compromise the quality of the build.

Additionally, modular construction solutions like purpose-built bathroom pods are rising above all of the demands of delivering a high quality product.

“High-profile investors, developers, contractors, construction companies, architects, designers and specifiers are moving away from traditional on-site bathroom construction in favour of modular bathroom pods.”


The advantages of offsite bathroom pod construction go well beyond faster project delivery, to include greater quality control, cost savings, zero waste on-site, increased site safety, reduced congestion and foot traffic, faster delivery, and more time allocated for other aspects of the project.

By consolidating entire bathroom builds to a single point of contact, the burden of risk management and defects is reduced to next to nothing.

The speed and guaranteed output times of bathroom pods tick the boxes on all sides of the stakeholder equation.

For builders and construction companies, Interpod bathroom pods are a faster, more reliable and cost-effective option compared to traditional, onsite methods.

By removing the process onsite, you accelerate the project timeline by up to 30%, significantly reducing construction time, eliminating the stress and cost of managing up to 15 trades or more per bathroom.

You also eliminate time spent on negotiating contracts, managing material procurement and storage, waste disposal, design, and specification.

For investors and developers, bathroom pods dramatically speed up the construction phase and provide long-term asset value gained through strict quality controls and reduced construction risks secured by Interpod.

The sooner the project is complete, the sooner long-term tenants can occupy the space. Interpod bathrooms are designed to far exceed typical building lifecycle of 10-15 years.

Architects, designers and specifiers gain design flexibility.

Everything that is possible in the design process of a traditional bathroom is possible with a bathroom pod. From layouts to fixtures, all bathroom pods are easily specified, 3D modelled and integrated into practice.

For the investor, the value of bathroom pods are passed down to their tenancy. Built for aesthetics, quality and practicality.

All structural bathroom pod components such as steel frames & GRC bases are fabricated in our Australian factory.

Engineered floor falls eliminate waterproofing failures or leaks.

Industry-recognised waterproofing process developed by Interpod guarantees compliance.

Build-To-Rent Developments in Australia: 2022 and Beyond

Build-to-Rent (BTR) property developments are gaining momentum in Australia as a trusted economic model for building large-scale residential developments allocated for the rental market. Almost always in the form of high-rise apartment blocks and unit complexes, all BTR properties are owned and managed by a single entity to be rented out over mid to long-term periods.

Around the world, investors are flocking to the BTR sector. Touted as a way to deliver security of tenure, affordability and better conditions for renters in a growing, ever-tightening rental market. BTR development is boosting the construction industry, enabling economic recovery, stands as an alternative long-term income stream to investors and developers seeking to diversify their holdings.

As a relatively new model of urban housing development in Australia, BTR has already proven to be highly effective as a socio-economic model in North America, Europe and Japan, where it is well-established and mature.

Build-to-rent developments benefit all stakeholders including tenants by incentivising new investments into high quality, purpose-designed residential rental stock. And, because BRT assets are a long-term investment, quality assurance is crucial to this type of construction.

According to Jason Goldsworthy, National Manager of Development at Mirvac, growth of Build-to-Rent in Australia has been recently fortified by three key factors:

  • State Governments of Australia have established their long-term support through reforms like halving land tax and the creation of schemes and incentives for BTR foreign investors. Kick starting an upward trajectory in BTR construction projects across NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.
  • The current market conditions in Australia are characterised by limited rental supply, high house prices, and high rental demand. BTR solves market problems of housing insecurity by meeting rental supply and demand.
  • It’s become evident during the Covid-19 pandemic, residential assets including BTR have recently outperformed commercial/industrial asset classes worldwide, proving the value and standing resilience that BTR development has during economic downturns.

The prospects of build-to-rent developments in 2022 and beyond are very promising, with tens of thousands of build-to-rent apartments are currently in the pipeline to be completed in Australia alone. The New Zealand Government is also poised to introduce their own BTR reforms this year.

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