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Following the recent collapse of one of Australia’s building giants, Probuild, a lot of uncertainty has resurfaced within the construction industry.


Following the recent collapse of one of Australia’s building giants, Probuild, a lot of uncertainty has resurfaced within the construction industry. Probuild’s parent company WBHO, blamed the government’s hard-line stance on handling the pandemic as contributing to the collapse of its Australian arm. As the pandemic enters its third year and many of the challenges are persisting, this pressure on the industries players shows no signs of abating.

Australia’s construction industry has been forced to overcome seemingly endless obstacles: extended international and interstate border restrictions, skilled migrant shortages, lockdowns, delays and disruptions to interstate and global supply chains, material shortages, increased costs of building materials, a global surge in demand for building materials, worker shortages, and productivity restraints compounded by social distancing, mandatory isolation periods and prolonged illness.

Whilst the Covid-19 landscape created great uncertainties in the building and construction sectors, all is not lost. Construction companies across the world have been forced to reevaluate their processes and find more efficient business practices.

In this article, we explore the inherent value of incorporating bathroom pods early into the pre-construction and design phases of your building projects. Modular bathroom pods are revolutionising traditional concept of bathroom construction, relieving a lot of pressure and uncertainty from the developer and the builder, taking developments to market sooner, and significantly reducing hidden construction costs.

Departure from Traditional Methods

The true cost of traditional procurement methods, that bring contractors into the process after key planning and design decision-making, is a critical talking point in the construction industry right now.

The outdated methods of delayed contractor involvement are widely criticised for causing inefficiency in project delivery as it separates the design and construction process, ultimately leading to design errors and cost overruns. Traditional project delivery models fail to integrate contractors’ experience, value for money and unique competitive advantages in the early phases of projects.

Early Contractor Involvement (‘ECI’) is an alternative method that is driving increased value for money and speeding up project delivery times, both crucial metrics for everyone involved in the project. ECI refers to the engagement of the contractor at the early stage of project development, before construction commences. The primary purpose of ECI is to incorporate contractor construction knowledge and experience into pre-construction phases of projects, with the added benefits of actualising cost savings and faster project delivery.

ECI facilitates implementation of innovative, efficient and value-adding solutions through building trust-based cooperation between clients and contractors. Research shows that the construction industry worldwide has had incredibly positive experiences from practicing ECI.

So how can ECI be applied with the use of bathroom pods for your next project?

Interpod Creates Certainty With Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)

Interpod makes early contractor involvement for builders, architects and developers easier. How? For those stuck in the design phase, Interpod is by your side providing expertise for modular bathroom pod specification, design and planning.

One of the greatest advantages of engaging Interpod early in the piece is the ability to specify our pods into the project before any of the finer interior design details of the bathroom are confirmed. Our design and construction phase of our pods happen independent of the project, totally removed from the rest of the construction process.

On projects in the past, we’ve commenced design of bathrooms with the developer before a builder has even been appointed. On other projects, we’ve often had a design approved and a prototype inspected before earth works had even been completed onsite. For others, we’ve provided specifications for the building before any of the bathroom design had been finalised.

It is the ease of specification, design flexibility, cost security and faster delivery of Interpod bathroom pods that drives home more certainty in your effort to build trust and certainty in an ECI process.

With Interpod as a partner, you can have confidence in your ability to complete your project faster, provide transparency and flexibility, secure cost certainty, build trust and pass on professional input.

Locked In Confidence with Interpod

Guaranteed Supply. Interpod removes the tedious task of procuring and coordinating bathroom construction materials and dealing with multiple suppliers. We lock supplies in much earlier than traditional builds. Our extensive inventory of materials is backed by our strong supply chain from reputable and trusted suppliers due to the large volume of bathroom pods we produce consistently. We remove the burden of material procurement in a time of short supply and transport struggles. And, our material cost savings are passed onwards to you, our clients.

Guaranteed Labour. Eliminate the momentous task of securing and micro-managing contractors for your project when you partner with us. You will save time, money and your sanity. We know just how difficult, chaotic and stressful bathroom construction can be for builders and project managers trying to coordinate trades for a perfectly timed project delivery. By removing the process onsite, you can accelerate the project timeline up to 30% faster, eliminating the stress and cost of managing up to 15 trades or more per bathroom. In trying times of labour shortages, you can depend on our in-house trade specialists.

Absolute design flexibility. Completely customisable, there are virtually no design limitations with bathroom pods. Everything that is possible in design process of a traditional bathroom is possible in a bathroom pod. From layouts to fixtures, all bathroom pods are easily specified, 3D modelled and integrated into practice.

Guaranteed (High) Quality Control and Quality Assurances. Fabricated in our Australia purpose built factory setting, Interpod bathroom pods are made using the same construction processes of a traditional bathroom, yet managed under more stringent Environmental Management, OH&S and Quality Management Systems (QMS) for much higher levels of compliance and quality control/assurance.

It’s no surprise that developers, specifiers, designers and contractors across Australia and New Zealand prefer Interpod’s streamlined process over traditional onsite builds. The advantages of bathroom pods go well beyond time saved onsite, to include minimised waste, greater quality control, increased site safety, reduced congestion, faster delivery, and more time for other aspects of the project.

Invite Interpod for Early Intervention on your next project to lock in time and money savings you never knew where possible.


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